Another world where daily lives are reshaped, Soul Society offers a new Web3.0 social ID to users.

Soul Society is a Web3.0 social service that uses Soul Bound Tokens(SBTs). Soul Society quantifies daily life, reinterprets it, and creates new value by bringing it into the Web3.0 world. Through Soul Society, daily life, frequently overlooked, gains value by becoming a game that anyone can enjoy.

In Soul Society, users encounter their daily lives as Quests within a large dungeon that is based on reality. By completing these Quests, they earn various rewards, including SBTs. Unlike standard SBTs, which just represent a user's identity, passions, and achievements, the SBTs minted in Soul Society can be enhanced through ongoing user activities. These SBTs are called the Growth-Type SBTs, and they allow users to express their tastes and preferences in a more detailed and special way.


In Soul Society, the term 'Soul,' which generally refers to a soul in reality, takes on a new meaning. Fragments of daily life are categorized based on their meaning and characteristics, thereby becoming a Soul. Each Soul is composed of Quests and SBTs that represent its unique characteristics. Owning a Soul comes with special benefits for users.


Quests that compose a Soul are the activities that users need to complete. These Quests, reshaped from daily life by Soul Society, have unique characteristics. Completing Quests lets users acquire rewards and SBTs. Quests, reborn from the realities of daily life, can be collectively created by the will of users.

Growth-Type SBTs

Growth-Type SBTs are a key feature of Soul Society. Unlike standard SBTs, these can be enhanced personally by users. They are more than just digital IDs; they serve as unique new Web3.0 IDs that represent the owner's preferences, interests, honor, and passion. Users receive various benefits as they enhance their SBTs

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