A basic way to earn pHON is by completing Quests. Quests are available for each Soul, and when you complete a Quest, you consume Energy and receive pHON as a reward. Soul Society offers users many opportunities to complete various Quests and earn pHON.

Event Quest

Soul Society hosts various events that users can participate in. By participating in Event Quests, users can receive various rewards, including pHON.

Soul Ownership

Users who acquire Souls through Soul Bidding are rewarded with pHON. Whenever other users complete Quests associated with the Souls they own, a portion of the reward accumulates in the Ecosystem Enhancement Fund. This portion is accumulated throughout the day and the Soul owner can claim it at a specific time of the day. If there is no Soul owner, the reward remains in the Ecosystem Enhancement Fund.

SBT Ranking Rewards

SBT Ranking rewards are distributed based on SBT rankings among users who own the same type of SBT. Eligibility for these rewards requires owning an SBT of at least level 1. The ranking is determined first by the grade of the SBT, and if users own SBTs of the same grade, the time of enhancement completion serves as the tiebreaker. Rewards are given to users with higher SBT Rankings. If there are no eligible recipients, the unclaimed rewards remain in the Ecosystem Enhancement Fund.

Hon Box

Hon Boxes can be used as materials for enhancing SBT or they can be opened. When you open a Hon Box, you can receive pHON. The amount of pHON you can receive varies depending on the grade of the Hon Box.

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