Mission & Vision


In our daily lives, we engage in various activities and gain diverse experiences, many of which go unnoticed or undervalued. Soul Society aims to add value to these daily activities by reshaping daily life. This restructured daily life is recorded on the blockchain through Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs), enabling individuals to create their unique identities. Growth-Type SBTs from Soul Society further allow people to form an active Web3.0 ID that reflects their preferences and passions.


Soul Society is a Web3.0 social service that has adapted a game system using SBTs. In Soul Society, ordinary daily life activities are historicized through SBTs, and these accumulated tokens become valuable On-Chain assets. Unlike standard SBTs, the Growth-Type SBTs in Soul Society can be enhanced by users. These enhancements are made possible through the use of scarce resources that users acquire within the Soul Society DApp. As a result, Growth-Type SBTs serve as more than just simple data; they are capable of expressing the user's degree of preference and interest, containing deeper layers of information

Soul Society proposes a Web3.0 world where individuals can curate their daily lives and discover value by incorporating gaming elements like growth and motivation. The Soul Society DApp quantifies daily activities and experiences, enabling them to be visually represented. This process of quantification and visualization allows each user to create a unique identity that transcends the Soul Society. Such an identity not only distinguishes people within the community but also enriches the value of daily life.

In conclusion, the blueprint that Soul Society proposes outlines a Web3.0 world where the advantages of gaming are integrated into our daily lives through blockchain technology. By doing so, daily activities that are often overlooked or undervalued will be recognized and gain value. Ultimately, this approach ensures that the generated value is returned to its rightful owner—the user.

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