DApp Development & Key Feature Implementation

  • Soul & Bidding system

  • Staking system

  • Quest, Energy, and Reward System

Growth-Type SBTs Development and Application

  • Configuration of Growth-Type SBTs Smart Contract

  • DApp Service Interface Development

Beta I Service Launch


Beta II Service Launch

Implementation of Social Features

  • User Recommendation System

  • Friend & Party Function

  • Social News Feed Feature

Beta II Service Launch


Official Global Service Launch Service Expansion

  • Development of Soul Creation Tool

  • Implementation of Business (Client) Interface

SBT Data Enhancement

  • SBT Data Grouping

  • SBT Data Analysis System Development

Introduction of Soul Scan Service

  • Service for Simplified SBT Mint History Inquiry


Application of NFT System for Soul Ownership Verification

Further SBT Data Enhancement

  • SBT Data Grouping

  • Analysis System for SBT Activity & Preferences


Expansion of SBT Use Cases

  • Development of SBT Minting Tool & System


Further Expansion of SBT Use Cases

  • Expansion to Community-based Services (Meta-World)

  • Establishment of SNS & Community Environment

Expansion of AD Tech Services

  • Building SBT-based Data Management Platform (Data Mart)


Development of 3rd Party Integration-capable SBT API

  • Support for Extensible SDK (Template or Module) based on SBT

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