Definition of Quest

In Soul Society, each Soul is associated with a Quest, allowing users to earn specific SBTs as they complete these tasks. The Quests in Soul Society are reshaped versions of daily life that are often overlooked. These fragments of daily life are reinterpreted in Soul Society and given new value. Quests serve as a basic way for users to earn rewards and act as a bridge between reality and Soul Society.

Quest Rewards

Users can engage in Quests related to the Soul they are interested in, depending on their current energy level. As rewards for completing Quests, they may receive items such as Hon Boxes and pHONs, as well as SBTs. The amount and type of rewards can vary based on the specific Quest. Users are able to participate in the same Quest again after a cooldown period has elapsed. By completing Quests that meet certain conditions for SBT enhancement, users have the opportunity to upgrade their SBTs.

Ecosystem Enhancement Fund

The Ecosystem Enhancement Fund is automatically accumulated whenever users clear a quest. These funds support various initiatives like event Quests for all users, Soul ownership rewards, SBT Ranking rewards, and more.

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