Hon Box

Definition of Hon Box

Hon Box is an item in Soul Society that users use to obtain pHONs or enhance SBT. Users can acquire Hon Boxes through various activities or can purchase them in the store using pHONs if needed.

Acquisition of Hon Box

Users can obtain Hon Boxes through various activities in Soul Society. They can earn Hon Boxes by running the app, performing Quests, or participating in events.

Quest Completion

Completing Quests is the most basic way to acquire a Hon Box. When a Quest is completed, a Hon Box is given as a reward. The number of Hon Boxes that can be received varies depending on the Quest

Attendance Rewards

Users can earn Hon Boxes as attendance rewards. The total number of the reward will change depending on regular attendance.

Event Quest

Hon Boxes can also be earned through event Quests. Event Quests are periodically occurring Quests where part of the rewards users receive from Quests are collected.


Users can buy Hon Boxes in the store if needed. They can buy Hon Boxes if they are short of Hon Box, which is needed to enhance the Hon Box they own. Also, if they have completed the required number of Quests needed for enhancing SBT but are short of Hon Boxes, they can purchase the needed Hon Boxes.

Use of Hon Box

Hon Box serves as a reward for users and can be used for a variety of purposes within the DApp.

Opening Hon Box Users can open Hon Boxes to get pHONs. The amount of pHONs that can be obtained through the Hon Box is proportional to the grade of the Hon Box.

SBT Enhancement

Hon Boxes are used to enhance the grade of SBT. To enhance to a higher-grade SBT, a corresponding higher-grade Hon Box is needed.

Hon Box Enhancement

Hon Boxes can be enhanced to a higher grade using multiple Hon Boxes and pHONs. Higher-grade Hon Boxes are used for SBT enhancement and to get more pHONs. The success of Hon Box enhancement depends on a predetermined probability.

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