Definition of SBT

SBT (Soul Bound Tokens) is one of the core elements of Soul Society. Once issued to a wallet, it cannot be transferred, making it an ideal token for recording identity and history. Soul Society uses Growth-Type SBTs, an upgraded version of the standard SBTs. Unlike standard SBTs, Growth-Type SBTs enable user activities to go beyond just being recorded on the blockchain. They are structured to allow users to enhance their SBTs personally, thereby reflecting their individual preferences and interests. SBTs also serve as criteria for determining eligibility for various activities and benefits, such as participating in the Soul Bidding to own a Soul.

SBT Enhancement

Users can obtain more advanced SBTs by completing quests and enhancing their existing SBTs. The level of SBT enhancement serves as a criterion for determining eligibility to participate in various activities and receive benefits within Soul Society.

How to Enhance SBT

To enhance an SBT, users need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Own an SBT that is below the target grade.

  2. Complete the required number of quests for the SBT's current grade.

  3. Own a Hon Box that matches the grade of the SBT they wish to enhance.

Once these conditions are met, the SBT can be enhanced."

Example of Enhancement Requirements

SBT Ranking Rewards

SBT Ranking

The SBT Ranking is determined by the grade of the SBTs that users hold. If multiple users have SBTs of the same grade, the Ranking is determined by the time at which they acquired it.

SBT Ranking Rewards

When a user enters the SBT Ranking, they are eligible to receive a share of the accumulated SBT Ranking rewards. As players complete more Quests associated with SBTs, the SBT Ranking rewards pool continues to grow, due to the Ecosystem Enhancement Fund. The portion of the accumulated SBT Ranking rewards that a ranker receives is determined by a preset percentage based on their rank.

Example of SBT Ranking Reward Percentages

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